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The denomination of sandals includes a wide range of different styles. From basic, comfortable flat sandals, perfect for a beach day, to the most fashionable and sophisticated party sandals.

Sandals are the favourite choice for summer footwear as they are chic and cool. They allow you to show your feet, something we really like doing as they look really sexy if well cared and with a good pedicure, something that is always nice when you wear this type of footwear.

Sandals with toe divider are one of the most comfortable styles of this type of shoes. Both in their basic versions for going to the beach or pool and the more sophisticated ones, they have a hippie touch that match very well with long skirts or vaporous dresses.

It happens the same with Roman-style sandals, which with their vintage touch they fit very well with 70’s style clothes, but also with shorts and miniskirts, mainly the high styles that reach half calf.


The most elegant sandals


Let’s don’t forget to see only the most informal and casual side of this style, you can also find in our catalogue beautiful, classy and very refined high-heel sandals.

The high-heel is perfect for wedding sandals. It won’t be difficult to find a style that perfectly matches your dress for a special occasion, either a wedding or a party where you want to live up to the occasion.

But we all know that very high heels can ruin a special night, so platform sandals can be a good alternative for the ones who want to keep the height but get a little more comfort.

Wedge sandals are another alternative, a bit more informal, designed to other events where the etiquette is not that important. The comfort of the wedge, which is often combined with platform, allows this style to be wearable all summer long, both during the day and at night.

Med-heel sandals can be found also in our catalogue as they are also a very elegant option, they are more comfortable and many women prefer this style as are not used to wear high-heels or want to vary from time to time.

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