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Since the 1960s, sneakers started appearing in the street as a symbol of rebellion and youth. Young people from all over the world chose different brands that sold sneakers as seal of identity and both boys and girls began to wear sport shoes for their daily lives.

These young people grew up and didn’t change their footwear style, that is why nowadays it is very usual to see all kinds of people, of any age, wearing sneakers. In the case of women, the new trends invite them to break the stereotype and wear them with any outfit, even with dresses that have always be worn with the most elegant shoes

It is very important to differentiate between men and women models as sneakers can be very similar, but the lasts are different. In our catalogue you can find women sneakers, specially designed for your feet and needs.

Different types of sneakers

Low-cut sneakers are the most common. Either if you wear them with jeans or skirts, these sneakers are very easy to combine. With a hidden low sock, they can be worn with almost any outfit. Our tip is that if you have any doubt, dare to try them!

A very urban sneaker is the one with big sole, with a flat platform of a few centimetres that gives them a completely different looking. This type of footwear is perfect for girls who doesn’t want to give up gaining a bit of height or their most comfortable and sporty looks.

 The high-top sneaker offers a wide range of choices as they can hide a wedge, giving them an even more feminine and sexy touch. Almost all major sports brands have followed this trend, creating some of their most known styles, designed for the fashionistas.


New trends that triumph

First came running Shoes, followed by basketball ones and now skate shoes are on the spot. Shoes thought for the skate lovers but that nowadays can be seen on the feet of hundreds of women who have never practiced this sport, but who have fallen in love with the unique designs of these type of shoes.

Some brands that started making designs only for skaters are now on the top sales ranking and these designs are worn by all fashion icons.

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