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 Wedge sandals are a must have for this season. If they are always in trend, this spring 2020 they are going to be a very strong trend. The wedge ones would probably be the most sold ones as they have some advantages that put them at the top pf all the different sandals in our catalogue.


Five advantages of wedges

Let’s see which are the main advantages of wedge sandals:

-       They stylize the figure as heels do: one of the reasons why we do like heels is because they stylize the figure. Feet, ankles and even glutes look different when we wear heels and wedges create the same effect but being more comfortable.


-       They are very comfortable: most of the wedge sandals have platform. This makes them be very comfortable. Moreover, as they have a full base on the heel, the weight is distributed in a different way in comparison with heels, so they are always easier to walk on. In addition, there is no need to balance on them, so they are perfect for women that never wear heels and want to wear a high shoe sometime.


-       The match very well with boho chick outfits: the boho chic style is still a trend and the wedge sandals combine very well with this style that is often wore by many famous women who are a reference in the fashion world, such as Sara Carbonero or Paula Echevarría. That is why you will make the best of your wedge sandals and you will find a lot of events to wear them.


-       You can wear them with a formal or informal look: the versatility of wedge sandals is undeniable. They look good with almost any outfit. You can wear them with shorts, with a long skirt or even with a long classy but slightly informal dress to go to a night party in a fashionable place.


-       Simply irresistible: apart from all the advantages we have seen, there is one thing that is also very important: they are absolutely beautiful. They are worth it just for that. In our online store you can find the perfect wedges for you.

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